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Interesting Facts about Toys

A short while ago, the Internet was broken by a video in which a copycat hamster and his master were mocking at a traffic warden - you can see it below. Not only kids, but also grown-ups like playing with toys. The fact has resulted in writing the article where you can find some interesting facts about toys:

1. The oldest teddy bear was produced in 1894. This is known from a cloth label, which is sewn to its left hindfoot. This old toy has been passed from generation to generation in a family.

2. A yo-yo decorated with shiny stars is Sir Elton John’s favorite toy. However, its brightness is not the most entertaining thing in it. One side of the yo-yo is decorated with the image of a clown, and the other side has Chinese characters, which mean the wishes of happiness and luck.

3. Flying a kite in itself is a very popular amusement, and there are giants among kites. The largest kite has an area of ​​680 square meters. It was flown in 1999. Weirdly, but it was flying.

4. There is also a teddy bear that is a great tourist. Due to the mistake made by the federal postal service, the teddy bear covered a distance of 329,000 kilometers in a parcel. It visited Mexico twice, traveled all over America, and returned to Australia five times. It took the toy 3 years to reach the addressee.

5. Suhail Al Zarooni is the owner of the largest collection of model cars. There are about 2 thousand cars in his collection. It contains objects of great rarity, such as, for example, the Pope’s car and a model of Queen Elizabeth’s car. A model of the car which President Kennedy was having his last ride in on the day he was killed is one of the gems of the Emirati businessman’s collection.

6. The landmark Broadway musical THE LION KING is famous for the fact that a huge number of puppets were used at one time. The stage production required the use of 215 puppets, including hollow puppets, puppets manipulated from inside by humans, shadow puppets, and bunraku puppets. Some of the puppets, such as the elephant, are full-sized.

7. In 1939, the most expensive Mickey Mouse was made. That Mickey differed from the cartoon character we used to see. The old familiar Mickey had a different expression on its face; it had longer arms, and its ears were positioned in a different manner. The animal cartoon character was purchased at an auction for $ 83,650.

8. Sofia Onassis, a granddaughter of Aristotle Onassis, is the mistress of the most real-looking rocking horse. The horse has a mane and tail made of natural hair, and its teeth are made with the use of the cast dental model of a real horse.  The toy’s hooves are covered with plates made from a tortoise shell.

9. The Barbie doll can be considered a champion, since it heads all the variation records. Officially, this doll has about 30 professions. Only can be only jealous of the stock of clothes it owns: for now, she has more than a thousand outfits. Also, the doll has 15 modifications of its own body: there is a pregnant Barbie, Barbie, who has a wide waist, there is even Barbie in a wheelchair (such a doll cannot move its legs). The most expensive Barbie that is wearing a dress decorated with diamonds costs $100,000.

10. Jennifer Catherine, Bill Gates’ daughter, is the owner of the most technically-equipped pedal-powered car. The life-size toy car is equipped with a seat height adjustment device, navigation system, headlights, and a safety airbag.